Monday, June 22, 2009


Not exactly sure what's happened here, but that perfect coffee shop I found about six months ago for my pre-workday, "Lefty time," ... ate a big turd.

I admit, I haven't been as ardent a patron for the last month or so (times is tough). But I never imagined that my short departure would result in such a monumental breakdown.

I'm currently writing to you from that once-sweet little NoPo coffee shop with the perfect not-too-hipster-but-still-intriguing clientele and a mix of tunes that never fail to please, now overrun with senior citizens cracking sudoku puzzles in their morning papers to the easy-listening strains of Paul Simon's Graceland. And let me just say, you have never hated an album that you once foolishly enjoyed, as much as I do right now.

Anyone know a decent coffee shop in inner-Portland?

(Not quite sure why there are english subtitles translating english lyrics, but thank god for the sub-titled "ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh." Would've been totally lost without them).

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Anonymous said...

You chased the cool right outta that place didn't you...