Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Simplicity May Be Making My Kid Dumb

Last week I waxed naive about man's need to simplify. I dropped a lot of shit about how those who live simply would be best suited to navigate this re-depression. Basically, a bunch of blabber I really didn't know a whole lot about.

But I like the theme. I'm fascinated by the musical artist who bucks the big labels, and makes a name for him or herself online.

I love that I know people with a remodeling business geared toward reusing and recycling whatever they can find for the project, and they promote it as Roosevelt era, post-depression rebuilding. It's just fuckin' smart.

So I'm gonna continue the theme here in the blog for a bit. I'll throw out some examples of simple stuff I like - film, music, lifestyles, etc. Of course not all that is simple is good.

My 3-year-old kid and I are mesmerized by this show. Simple and cool, or just simple and making us dumb?

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