Friday, April 25, 2008

Ah, regrets

This post is mostly just an excuse to bury the last entry. Yes, I diverted from my angry ways. But I was angry when I wrote it damn it, even if it did just sound like I was a big pussy. One reader went so far as to call me a hyper-sensitive fag. And that was a chick.

Rather than defend myself anymore on this one, I'd just like to point out
some stupid shit other people do, too. And in this case, the ramifications are a bit larger than five readers not being entertained enough by my random disillusionment with the world. So piss off.

I guess no one in the marketing department at London's Office of Government Commerce caught the self-indulgent
logo (right) before it made it's way to some corporate swag.

It was soon turned on it's side to appear less, umm, wanker-ish.

So on behalf of London's Office of Governement Commerce and this blog, please excuse all former masturbatory materials. It shan't happen again.

For the full story, check the UK's Daily Telegraph report here.


James Becker said...

I thought that was a self-portrait.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised he thinks of those kind of images all the time

Al said...

G. Ignore the naysayers. That's freaking hilarious. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Damn I just made a mess of my keyboard, and it aint white out if you know what I mean. That man skirt sure has a nice mouth.